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Who We Are

Our Founder, Kerry Slone


I am domestic violence survivor and I have experienced this personally. 13 years ago I was beaten so badly by my ex-husband that when I was finally able to call 911 after he left my home, he was charged with felony assault and DUI. After I finally got the chance to call for help, it took 10 minutes for the police to arrive at my home, even though there was a police station 5 minutes away. I’m lucky to be alive today. The Emergency Room Doctor who treated my injuries told me that I would die if I had any further contact with this man.


I made a decision to not be quiet. I decided to fight.


I did not want to live as a victim. I met with the FEMALE prosecutor assigned to the case, and told her I was willing to testify against him. She looked at me shocked and asked “Are you sure?”  Most domestic violence victims don't want to do that. I looked her straight in her eyes and said “I most certainly will; I refuse to stay quiet.”


Those Felony Domestic Assault charges were eventually dropped to a misdemeanor. Why? Because he didn't actually use a weapon to assault me.


Because of these charges being lowered, he was given a diversion program...a slap on the wrist ...even with a violent criminal charge and a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, they let him go.


Fueled by his anger, he used this freedom and took a part-time job delivering pizzas in the evening so that he could stalk me.


The system that was supposed to protect me had failed. Just like it has failed countless other domestic violence victims all over the country.


I'm fortunate enough to be alive, to stand here to speak for those that can't because they are still hiding from their assailants, or are dead because the system failed them.

Our Contributors

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